What Is A Personal Injury?

If you are wondering what is considered to be a personal injury? it is any injury – physical or emotional – caused by the negligence or mismanagement of another person, company or body. Think of personal injuries and you probably think of slips and falls in the workplace, although if you are injured in a car accident, bitten by a dog or harmed by a defective product, you may be filing a personal injury claim. In the US, a claim for a personal injury is filed about every two seconds.

Of course, your life can be affected significantly if you experience a personal injury. As well as the physical and emotional suffering, injuries can also affect you financially, keeping you out of work for weeks or months, or accruing high medical bills that simply can’t be paid. Part of the role of a personal injury attorney is to decide whether the accident or injury could have been prevented, and whether negligence is to blame. If the claim is filed, it may be settled out of court, or the case may go to trial, and as the injured party you may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Slips and falls are the most common type of accident, along with accidents in the workplace, followed by car accidents. Another major category of personal injury includes dental and medical accidents, and medical malpractice in general. Each year there are thousands of medical malpractice cases in the US, and most of them are won by the injured party. The amount paid out by medical companies, hospitals and doctors is typically well over $3 billion each year.

Industrial disease cases, such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and other conditions also comprise a large number of personal injury claims. Although the above mentioned are the most common types of personal injuries, there are dozens of others. You may need the expertise of a personal injury attorney if you have been injured in a plane or boating accident, hurt by a faulty product, slipped on the sidewalk, or been injured in a school, gym, shopping mall or theme park. If you think you have a legitimate case, always consult with an attorney.